Give Meeting Postponed

Dear Giving Partner,

First off, we have decided to postpone the Give Meeting scheduled for tomorrow 01.24.19 to a later date (more on that below).

Second, we have WONDERFUL news – with your contributions we have more than $12,000 available for gifting this year. That means we will hit more than $100,000 through the AWGC in 10 years of giving. That is AMAZING!

While we have a great commitment through gifts, there were just a few proposals turned in for consideration. They are all solid projects. However, we know that having a variety of proposals is essential to a robust and inspirational Give Meeting. So, we are going to put our heads together and figure out how best to proceed.

We are committed to investing in our community by the end of the quarter.

Stay tuned for a game plan! Thank you for being a part of this and for being patient as we navigate our next steps.

Aleesha Towns-Bain
Megan Riebe
Tlisa Northcutt