2019 Proposal: Tundra Women’s Coalition

Name of Nonprofit Organization: Tundra Women’s Coalition (TWC)

Your name (AWGC member): Clare Ross

Short Project Description (50 words): To provide increased training opportunities in Coordinated Community Response and Compass Training for Men, for the volunteers, partners and advocates of Tundra Women’s Coalition.

The Big Why (300 words):

TWC is a shelter for victims of domestic violence, a rape crisis center, a children’s advocacy center, and offers other supportive programs. Located in Bethel, Alaska, TWC provides services to residents of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta’s 56 village communities (a service area similar to the size of the state of Oregon).

TWC currently includes a 33-bed shelter, a 24-hour crisis line, administrative offices, a Legal Advocacy program, a Community Education Program with a village outreach component, a youth violence-prevention program called Teens Acting Against Violence, a Children’s Program, Irniamta Ikayrviat (Children’s Advocacy Center), a Housing Program with Transitional Houses, and a Thrift Store.

With additional funding from this grant, TWC will be able to offer 2-3 additional trainings that are not funded by their other grants, but are critical to their mission:

1.     Coordinated Community Response: this training brings together TWC’s advocates, police, and health care workers together to practice and prepare for delivering a coordinated response to victims of domestic violence, specifically ones affected by strangulation, which is one of the most prevalent forms of abuse that TWC deals with.

2.     Compass Training for Men: these trainings shift the conversation away from the victim and focus on the role that men and masculinity plays in domestic violence. It is a training for TWC’s male volunteers and supporters to address the negative aspects of masculinity and teach them how they can shift our culture through their relationships and interactions with other men.

When I spoke with TWC’s Director Eileen Arnold about what they would do with more funds, she mentioned that she had already made it a goal for the year to find funding to offer these trainings. Our funding would give her some breathing room to get the trainings going and focus her efforts on all of the other important work that TWC performs for their community.

The Bottom Line (Budget summary and what they’re asking for): $4,000 for one to three sessions each of these two trainings.

Organization contact person, phone number and email address: Eileen Arnold, Executive Director, 907-543-3444, eileen_arnold@twcpeace.org.