2019 Proposal: Earthquake recovery

Hello friends:

I’m passing along a summary report from the 11/30 earthquake for potential consideration and discussion. I don’t have a particular recommendation, but thought I’d put it into the mix as we have a limited number of proposals.


EARTHQUAKE RECOVERY SURVEY SUMMARY – Building and Equipment Damage (12-15-18 Data)

Major Damage- Fundamentally out of commission- Building- internal infrastructure – relocation –staffing – loss of revenue (Full costs TBA) 

  1. Koahnic’s offices and studios are currently unusable due to damage (part of the Nat’uh building also home of CITC and CIRI Foundation)
  2. Family Outreach Center for Understanding Special Needs Inc. (FOCUS): catastrophic damage due to water. Relocation of all services required. (pediatric therapy clinic, after school programing, and adult group day hab activities)
  3. Municipality/ public art: Structural damage of suspended artworks, mounted or free standing artworks — storage facility fees, artwork repair, structural engineer reviews and/or seismic reinforcements.
  4. Eagle River Nature Center: Structural damage – sewer pipes – equipment damage
  5. Beans Café: Reported damage to its water heater/boiler, and a crack in floor needs to be repaired.
  6. Volunteers of America: The ceiling damage at residential treatment center for youth –limited use of the facility. VOA did not have earthquake coverage and does not have the reserves to make the repairs.
  7. Brother Francis Shelter: Floor slab seams separated in parts of the facility. The building breezeway has cracks appearing on either side of the driveway leading up to the steps.
  8. Out North: The gallery suffered significant damage. The lighting system, metal lighting structure, water in the gallery, ceiling
  9. RurAL CAP: All 46 tenants of RurAL CAP’s Karluk Manor housing– critical building repairs
  10. Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum: Over 100 museum artifacts, prints, photographs and paintings damaged. No running water to the building.  Loss of Revenue – Increased staff hours: lost 3 events
  11. Set Free Alaska: Building sustained damage TBD – lost revenue, increased wage for overtime. fully re-opened Tuesday
  12. Big Lake Community Center/Big Lake Lions: Building back open to the public by Wednesday, December 5th. $46,000 in physical damage. over $10,000 in lost revenue is our initial assessment
  13. Girl Scouts of Alaska: A chimney toppled at Camp Togowoods (Wasilla).  Water pump at Camp Singing Hill’s (Chugiak) and the pumps electrical system needs to be replaced.  out-of-pocket costs including; staff, program materials, snacks and Girl Scout membership scholarships.
  14. First CME Episcopal Church: building sunk significantly on one corner but is usable. Very uneven floor in the dining room, outside door is difficult to open
  15. Anchorage Community YMCA: main facility opened with partial closures of the gymnasium and pool. Gymnasium is going to require more inspection and extensive repairs.
  16. Eagle River Presbyterian Church: significant structural damage
  17. Anchorage Woman’s Club- custodian of the Historic Pioneer School House. The building identified as unusable until assessment done of structural integrity.  Loss of rental income. We spend $8000/year on utilities and need help to defray those costs.  Also need a place to hold meetings once a month to accommodate 35 people


Future building needs- TBD

  1. Hope Community Resources: TBD -90 properties. service delivery may result in permanent loss of revenue
  2. Catholic Social Services– TBD multiple facilitites
  3. Anchorage Museum (did not answer the survey)
  4. APU swimming pool (did not answer the survey)
  5. Cook Inlet Housing operates approximately 1,600 units of housing estimate of damages is $500,000 to $1,000,000. Funding those costs could potentially impact our ability to fund new housing development(s) in the future. (have a full list of properties)
  6. Alaska Public Media: broadcast towers, the Goose Bay broadcast facility, and broadcast infrastructure equipment assess they are structurally sounds and undamaged.
  7. UAA (only one program filled out the survey- don’t have a campus view)
  8. Family Promise Mat-Su: TBD completed assessment of shelter host facilities
  9. Blood Bank of Alaska: TBD water damage to the building and equipment


Minor building damage:- cosmetic and or equipment needs

  1. Mat-Su Services for Children & Adults (MSSCA): want a structural engineer to assess the future safety of building. Do not have funds in our budget.
  2. Chugiak Senior Citizens, Inc. lost revenue. Adult day services building relocated to another part of the building until it can be fixed.
  3. Hatcher Alpine Xperience: The seal for the snow-cat shop door was broken/rattled loose, causing heat loss through our large garage bay. $290 plus labor (provided by our own volunteers)
  4. zender environmental: — 2 big screen monitors. one desk, one standup desk, a few jump drives
  5. Anchorage Concert Chorus: loss of revenue due to concert in new venue as a result of the earthquake –The HP Pavilion 20-b014 All-in-One Desktop Computer ACC owns and uses to conduct all administrative support was destroyed. $6,000-$10,000
  6. Alaska Community Action on Toxics: one computer monitor (replacement cost $90-$100) and both of our battery-powered backups for our server ($160 + $110 = $270). Storage cabinet ($200)
  7. Food Bank of Alaska: Estimated $5,000 to repair the main freezer
  8. Alaska Mediation: Minor repairs
  9. Kids’ Corps, Inc: VOIP phone system at various sites
  10. Anchorage Latino Lions Diversity Service Foundation: Fix or replace ceiling, blinds and floors.
  11. Anchorage re:MADE: Broken boiler pipe to one of our heaters. lost thousand dollars in
  12. Presbyterian Hospitality: Computers and desks were damaged in our Wasilla office.
  13. The Nature Conservancy: Building Repairs $150.00 Staff $3,558.52
  14. Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center: installing a generator. minor damage boiler
  15. Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Training (RADACT): Two large front windows
  16. Alaska Legal Services: 3 offices impacted. Downtown sustain minimal damage.
  17. Anchorage Community Land Trust/Foraker/Campfire/PIC/State Council on the Arts Building: Minor cracks
  18. Covenant House Alaska: Minimal building repair
  19. MatSu Food Bank: minor damage. Building settled
  20. Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska: Minor repairs, extra staff hours to provide additional services for kids.
  21. Alaska Youth and Family Network: facility Minor damage to sprinkler heads, ceiling tile


Prevention- Generators

  1. Knik House basic emergency equipment to support our two housing units in cases of emergency (Generator, Lights, Heat, extra bedding)
  2. Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. need for a generator
  3. Anchor Point Senior Citizens Inc.: need was a greater supply of emergency rations to carry out our designated role as commissary and information center