2019 Proposal: Camp Fire Alaska

Name of Nonprofit Organization: Camp Fire Alaska

Your name (AWGC member): Heather Harris

Short Project Description (50 words): Summer Camp Opportunities for Youth

The Big Why (300 words): See below

Imagine growing up in Alaska and never going camping, hiking, fishing or even exploring through the woods in your backyard. Unfortunately, this is the reality for a growing number of youth living in Alaska. Each year, Camp Fire stretches its resources to provide summer camp opportunities to youth who otherwise could not afford it. Here’s just one example from last summer:

Camp Fire received a call from a middle school counselor last spring asking if it would be possible for one of her students to receive a scholarship to Camp K. “Jason” was fifteen, with a round face and thick, curly hair. His school counselor described him as a “hard worker, a great communicator, and wise beyond his years.” She explained that his father was incarcerated and his mother spent extended periods in the hospital with health issues. Home for Jason was a rotation of sleeping in a chair in his mom’s hospital room, staying with his grandmother at her assisted living facility, and sometimes staying with friends or at the home of a former teacher. We were SO thankful that we were able to provide a scholarship for him. He was so excited about going that he packed his bag a full two months before camp!

Jason was just one of 195 youth who received scholarships to attend our camps last summer. Each of their stories are different—not all live with the uncertainties in life that Jason does—but trust us when we say that each of their stories compelled us to find the resources needed to get them to camp.

These scholarships are made available for both our day camp in Anchorage (Camp Si La Meo) and our sleepaway camp in Cooper Landing (Camp K), and are only possible with support from generous individuals and organizations in our community.

The Bottom Line (Budget summary and what they’re asking for): Scholarships range from $245 to $510, depending on the camp and the session

Organization contact person, phone number and email address: Jo Lamson, 257-8820, jlamson@campfireak.org