2019 Give Cycle Dates

Thank you for making your gift!
(Or at least telling us you plan to do so.)
Doesn’t it feel good to be a part of such a cool endeavor?
Now, let’s make the magic happen.


Ok ladies…this is your reminder. We pushed back the deadline from tomorrow to Monday for proposal submissions. Don’t dilly dally, get yours in ASAP!

Please submit your proposal via email to aleeshatowns@gmail.com. Please note that submissions are accepted only from members of the Giving Circle. Unsolicited submissions are not accepted.

Members, your proposal should include the following:

Name of Nonprofit Organization:
Your name (AWGC member):
Short Project Description (50 words):
The Big Why (300 words):
The Bottom Line (Budget summary and what they’re asking for):
Organization contact person, phone number and email address:

You can also submit photos and/or videos. Please note that Word documents work better, as opposed to PDFs.

Please verify with your submission that you are not a board member or staff member or otherwise affiliated with the project that you are proposing.

JANUARY 24, 2019 – VOTE MEETING | 5:30pm

This is where we will meet to decide what great organizations will be the recipient of our granting for 2019. Meeting to be held at the Anchorage Community House.

If you are unable to attend, you may ask another member of the circle to serve as your proxy.

Thank you for joining with us on this journey. See you all soon.


Please let us know if you have any questions. email or 907.317.1632