2018 Proposal: Lutheran Church of Hope


Sponsor: Molly Orheim

Name of Nonprofit Organization: Lutheran Church of Hope

Contact Info: Don Bladow, Garden Manager, 1847 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage, AK 99517, 907-279-7714 or 907-830-5723

Short Project Description (50 words):  Harvest of Hope Memorial Garden (HHMG)

The project is to plant and harvest vegetables from the HHMG to help provide food security to persons served by Lutheran Social Services of Alaska Food Pantry, Gospel Rescue Mission, Downtown Soup Kitchen, and Bean’s Cafe.

The Big Why (300 words): The garden has produced 2,350 and 2,750 pounds of produce in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The garden was expanded to 9,000 square feet in 2017. The produce has been distributed to organizations listed above to help provide food security for families and individuals throughout the community. Fresh produce and fruit are difficult for food pantries to provide. The HHMG hopes to help bridge that gap during the summer and fall. As we gain experience we are able to provide more and more wholesome food to the community each year. During the 2017 season we also planted 7 apple trees to help in the following years to fresh fruit to the community as well. The garden is planted, maintained, and harvested by volunteers from the community and the Lutheran Church of Hope. Lutheran Social Services Food Pantry itself serves more than 1,400 families each month during the summer and fall seasons. The organizations using our produce literally serve thousands of people each month. It is difficult to provide that much impact in the community with the small amount of resources that will be required to maintain the HHMG in 2018.

The Bottom Line: They are asking for $1,000.00 (one thousand) to help with the planting and maintenance.

Budget for 2018


Category Amount
Cleaning stations 100
Equipment Repair 100
Fence Repair 150
Fertilizer 200
Fuel 25
Irrigation repair 50
Plants 200
Potting Soil 100
Seed 150
Seed potatoes 100
Seed starting equipment 75
Supplies 100
Tools 100
Water 300
total 1750