2018 Proposal EATA

Nonprofit: EATA Equine Assisted Therapy Alaska
Pitcher: Leslie Need
What is EATA: EATA is a small non-profit that empowers youth and adults with disabilities to achieve their personal goals by using horses as part of their therapy. Youth who are nonverbal who ride horses through the woods find themselves communicating with the therapists and volunteers! Veterans with PTSD take time with the horses to work through their personal and emotional struggles. Those with physical disabilities sit atop their horse and feel such a sense of strength! This organization relies on 3-4 volunteers for every rider to ensure their safety throughout the program season, May- August. More info attached.
How can we help? FEED HANK THE HORSE. Horse feed is expensive, ladies! It costs about $2500 a season to feed horses. Let’s make the summer easier for Hank and his caregivers. Our gift would make a big difference for this small organization!
Seeing the impact: More than with many of our sponsorship opportunities, it would be fun and easy to do a field trip to EATA to check on our gift and get to know this organization (and the horses!!!!!!!)!