2018 Proposal: Yarducopia

Name of Nonprofit Organization: Alaska Community Action on Toxins – Yarducopia

Your name: Meg Zaletel

Short Project Description (50 words):Fund the initial garden start up costs for Yarducopia for Summer 2018.

The Big Why (300 words): Yarducopia through ACAT has been helping connect gardeners with gardens and teaching organic gardening skills for five years now.  Yarducopia also helps build gardens for organizations in need, such as Claire House.  The program spreads successful organic gardening, builds community, and gets healthy produce to gardeners and food charities.  For this year the funding to make gardens has been diminished to almost nothing.  Funding this proposal will help Yarducopia build 20 gardens and engage over 100 budding and experienced gardeners through both direct gardening and educational opportunities.

The Bottom Line (Budget summary and what they’re asking for):
$100 – for seeds
$500 – for organic vegetable starts
$400 – fuel (Yarducopia uses waste manure and organic materials to build fertile garden beds ‘lasagna’ style – the materials are free, but hauling them is not)