2017 Proposal: BBBS SYNC


Your name: Meg Zaletel

Short Project Description (50 words): Sync Meet & Greet (or whatever youth ages
14-21 would want to call it)

The Big Why (300 words): Sync matches foster youth ages 14-21 with mentors.
Sync serves Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley and is the only program of its type
through Big Brothers Big Sisters in the nation. Sync receives some grant funding
from the Office of Children Services. Since the matches involve foster youth, the
mentors cannot disclose their relationships to others, not even other mentors.

Sync matches typically meet each other one on one 2-4 times a month. Mentors
commit to a one-year relationship with their youth, although many last longer.
Mentors and youth find low or no cost activities as Sync has a budget for only $75 per
match per quarter.

A Few Stats: Total Sync matches made since the start of the program: 105
Number of youth served/year (this includes new matches, and matches made from
prior years):

2011: 16                            2012: 35                         2013: 36         2014: 41     2015: 39 (

Sync changed to only Anchorage & Mat-Su after 7/31/15).

YTD: 37

Demographics: 42% Alaska Native, 2% Asian or Pacific Islander, 8% Black,  3% Hispanic,
14% Multi-race, 31% White
However, with some funding, we can create the opportunity for even greater
connections. When the youth agree to self disclose, like going to a group gathering
with mentors and youth, introductions and new connections can be made. In the end,
all of these awesome people are doing very positive things and they should know each
other and get a chance to make connections with one another outside their specific
The Bottom Line (Budget summary and what they’re asking for): $1,000 to plan
an annual gathering for the mentor and youth matches (approx. 75 people). We
would like the youth to plan the event and work within the budget. Roughly the
budget would cover the event space, food, youth transportation, if needed, and
possibly an activity. We would encourage youth to leverage their grant funds to
receive the maximum benefit from the funds.