Proposal: Girls Rock Camp Alaska

Girls Rock Camp Alaska

Your name: Kitty Farnham

Name of Non-profit:

Girls Rock Camp Alaska

Short Project Description:

Girls Rock Camp Alaska is a fun, intense, one-week summer day camp where girls ages 8-18 learn a new instrument, form a band, write an original song, perform that song, and attend educational workshops on empowerment, music and social justice.

The Big Why:

We know that girls and women are vastly underrepresented in music and media careers, so we encourage them to join the discussion of equality and show them they can use original music to express their opinions about the struggles they face in the world. There is no music experience necessary to come to our camp and we provide all of the instruments and instructors. The campers can learn to play a new instrument or hone their previous skills. They will attend workshops on songwriting, diversity in the media, and brainstorm about volunteerism in their community. They will write an original song in a small group and be able to perform it for each other and their families at the end of the week.

Alaska already has a thriving live music scene which is accessible by adults, but there aren’t near as many opportunities for our young people to see relatable role-models performing original music on stage. They are more likely to watch a performance on the Internet than they are to see a live concert or attend an instrument Masterclass with a qualified professional. We would like to change that! The most valuable outcome we hope to achieve with these camps is that we will ignite the creative spark in the local kids and that our campers will continue to write music throughout the year after camp is over. So many teens are afraid to try something new for fear of failing, and a camp like this addresses that fear and allows a space for everyone to walk away feeling confident that they mastered a basic understanding of a new instrument.

We hope that this experience increases their leadership skills and teaches them that they do not need to be afraid to try any new skill in life.

The Bottom Line:

With the help of this grant we will be able to offer this music-filled week at an affordable cost. We have a policy of never turning a student away, regardless of their ability to pay for our camps and we offer tuition discounts to anyone who needs it.

Tuition Assistance in the amount of $2,500 = $500 per camp, 5 full weeks in summer 2016 in 4 different Alaskan communities Anchorage, Fairbanks, Sitka, and Haines

Camper Music Supplies and Healthy Snacks in the amount of $1,500 = $300 per camp

Total Grant Proposal Amount = $4,000