2015 Proposal: Serendipity Adult Day Services

Serendipity Adult Day Services; Salvation Army

 Amanda Lofgren

 Short Project Descriptions:

Serendipity Adult Day Services is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with cognitive and functional impairments.  Through our program of health, social and therapeutic activities we work to improve the independence and wellbeing of those we serve, while providing predictable respite for their caregivers.  Attending adult day services empowers adults who have led productive lives and now feel lost, confused and possibly a burden to their families.  It gives them a reason to get up, get dressed and go to “their” place while making it possible for them to live at home with their families rather than in a facility.

 The Big Why:

Unfortunately, many who would benefit from adult day services cannot afford them.  Most insurance policies do not cover adult day. Others no longer qualify for the Medicaid Waivers that paid for their services (as funding for Medicaid decreases) even though their abilities and needs have not changed.  Sometimes people who do qualify for Medicaid support have to wait 6 to 12 months for their eligibility to be confirmed. As a result, many of our participants pay directly for the services they or their loved ones receive at Serendipity but not everyone can.

Sadly, a woman who has joyously attended Serendipity for years is no longer Medicaid Waiver eligible.  She has no family or other resources to attend Serendipity or another similar social program.  This summer she tearfully said good-bye “forever” to everyone.   Serendipity has improved her emotional and physical wellbeing and it pains us to see her go. Serendipity is seeking funding to help to bring her back and ensure that others like her can continue to benefit from adult day services. To ensure that as many people can participate in Serendipity, we offer our services on a sliding fee scale based on income.  Unfortunately, we are unable to keep up with this need without support from caring community members like you.

The Bottom Line:

The cost to attend Serendipity two days a week, with a healthy lunch and door-to-door transportation is $100 per week—approximately $5,200 per year.  We invite you to consider sponsoring a week, month or year for a person in need. Your contribution will be designated for our scholarship fund to ensure that no one is turned away from Serendipity because of inability to pay.