2015 Proposal: Jammin’ for Justice


Name of Nonprofit Organization: Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC)

Your Name:  Leslie Need

Short Project Description:

ALSC is the largest provider of free civil legal services for low-income women and families in Alaska.  To raise awareness about the challenges low-income women face when accessing the justice system, ALSC started “Jammin for Justice,” an annual benefit concert for women to come together in support of women’s justice.


The Big Why:

ALSC has been on the forefront of blazing the path to justice for low-income Alaskans since it opened its doors as a private, 501(c) (3) non-profit organization in 1967.  As the state’s only provider of free, comprehensive civil legal aid, ALSC delivers meaningful access to the civil justice system for low-income Alaskans through legal advice, representation, counseling and education.

Each year 70% of the clients ALSC assists are women, and over 500 families are assisted with legal protection from domestic violence.


One client’s story:

Dana was married to and had six children with a violent man. The violence was so horrific that Dana and her two eldest daughters were made to stand in a pile of broken glass while the abusive spouse beat them. The abusive spouse also isolated them from the world. He would not allow the children to enroll in public school and Dana was not allowed to drive or even have a driver’s license. The isolation made it possible for the abusive spouse to continue his violence and control without anyone ever knowing or suspecting. After more than twenty years of abuse, Dana courageously left the marriage but the abusive spouse took the couple’s four youngest children and would not let Dana see them for an entire year. With the help of ALSC, Dana was able to not only obtain a divorce and permanently separate from her abusive spouse, but she was also able to regain custody of all of the children.  Dana and her children have since relocated to a different community and have started new, violence-free lives.

“Jammin for Justice” raises funds to help women like Dana secure safety and independence for their families.  The event brings Alaskan women together to listen to music from outstanding Alaskan women artists and share inspiring stories about overcoming injustice.


The Bottom Line:

ALSC is seeking sponsorship for our 2015 Jammin’ for Justice benefit concert. Sponsorships options are $500, $1,000, and $5,000 – Title Sponsor. Sponsors’ names/logos will be placed on promotional materials, on social media and at the event.

All funds raised will help women to avoid eviction and foreclosure, secure social security disability benefits, acquire federal benefits for veterans, obtain a will, file for Bankruptcy, fight civil rights and employment discrimination, fight for child custody, and with other civil legal matters.

This is not only a feel-good project, but a great PR opportunity for the AWGC.