2015 Proposal: Cyrano’s Theatre Company

Name of Nonprofit Organization:  Cyrano’s Theatre Company

Your Name:  Julie Varee

Short Project Description:

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In February, Cyrano’s Theatre Company will present Emotional Creature, a musical promoting the empowerment of young women. Emotional Creature issues a call to action for girls everywhere to speak up and follow their dreams.  Emotional Creature will spotlight local theatre artists and actors and be directed by Anchorage’s Vivian Melde.

The Big Why:

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Cyrano’s Theatre Company’s (CTC) production of Emotional Creature will bring attention to the diversity and commonality of contemporary issues facing girls—in Alaska and around the world.  Created by internationally acclaimed activist, author and playwright, Eve Ensler (author of The Vagina Monologues), Emotional Creature addresses how girls are navigating their paths and making their voices heard to empower their communities and themselves.

The musical is based on Ensler’s book (I Am An Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World, 2010) of fictional monologues and stories.  The author describes it as being “a call to question rather than to please.”  Cyrano’s, known to challenge audiences to explore issues not usually addressed by visiting Broadway touring companies, is the perfect place in Anchorage for Emotional Creature to be produced.

As one of the major sponsors of Emotional Creature at Cyrano’s, the Alaska Women’s Giving Circle has the opportunity to:

  • Support Cyrano’s Theatre Company, a local non-profit managed by a woman and longtime Alaskan, Sandy Harper.
  • Help make possible a production that will employ local actors and production professionals and will be directed by a woman who is a highly regarded local theatre artist, Vivian Melde.
  • Join YWCA Alaska as a partner in bringing additional attention to Emotional Creature for local audiences.
  • Enjoy visibility as a sponsor in Cyrano’s promotional materials and in performance programs throughout the run.

The Bottom Line

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The total cost to produce Emotional Creature at Cyrano’s is $8,950.

A gift from the Alaska Women’s Giving Circle of $3,050 would cover the cost to pay local artistic talent for the production: director, stage manager, set designer, lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer and actors, as well as props.

Alaska Women’s Giving Circle would be considered a Major Sponsor of the production and receive visibility in promotional materials and all performance programs.  The Alaska Women’s Giving Circle also would be acknowledged along with the production’s other partner, YWCA Alaska at the production’s opening night performance and celebration.