AWCG donates close to $10,000 in 2014

We met, we voted and we gave. For the first time in history, we were able to fund ALL proposals at their full funding requests plus a little extra.  Here’s what we decided:

Running Free Alaska $3,000

The purpose of Running Free Alaska (RFA) is to provide women inmates at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center with a structured running and training program and quarterly races (hence goals) within the walls of the correctional center, which will better their physical and psychological health, lower rates of obesity, and have a positive impact on their attitudes about their environment and fellow inmates. Wholly funded through grants, private donations and the generosity of local businesses, and designed and supported by volunteer coaches and professional Alaskan athletes (at no cost to or effort by the State of Alaska or the Department of Corrections), inmates in good standing and of all athletic abilities participate in a personalized, ongoing running program with the ultimate goal of completing races ranging from 5 kilometers to marathon length (26.2 miles).  Funds will be used to purchase sports bras and running shoes for 60 program participants. This is the second grant AWGC has made to Running Free.


Larsen Bay Sewing Circle $3,000

The community of Larson Bay is an Alutiiq village located on the northwest coast of Kodiak Island, which is home to 86 individuals year round. The economy is primarily based on fishing, with very few opportunities for year-round employment. The community has shared that there are limited alcohol-free activities to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle. The tribal council wants to engage the women and girls in the community through a sewing group at a weekly “ladies night.” This is an opportunity not only for intergenerational teaching of traditional sewing, arts and crafts but a way to gather a large group of women to engage in a positive and meaningful activity. Funds will support the purchase of six (6) commercial grade sewing machines that are durable and withstand diverse fabrics (quilts, canvas, seal skins, etc), as well as supplies and equipment needed for sewing such as material, cutting boards, rotary scissors.


Center for Community Engagement & Learning $2,020

During college is a wonderful time for students to learn about community engagement, the impact of one individual, and philanthropy. Through this project, the students will learn the pluses of giving to causes they work on, the work of program development, grant proposals, and evaluating the impact of grants that are given.  They will see how philanthropy can multiple the impact of the work they do as volunteers and citizen leaders. A $2,000 grant would be used entirely for mini-grants to the community agency(ies) through proposals developed and evaluated by the students. The proposals will be based on their work within the community and the needs they recognize.


Habitat for Humanity $1,200

The mission of Habitat for Humanity is to work in partnership with people throughout the community to build homes, to build hope and change lives. Habitat sells its houses at cost to low-income Anchorage families and individuals with interest-free financing. Funds support the 100 Women House. This unique sponsorship model is made up of individual women, small groups of women and women owned or lead organizations. Each contributes $1,000 annually which together provides a full house sponsorship of $100,000. The Alaska Women’s Giving Circle donated $1,500 to the 100 Women House in 2011. For this year’s grant cycle, AWGC will commit to $1,000 for the 2014 100 Women House and commit to volunteering for one build day on the project during the calendar year 2014. This ties together the opportunity to volunteer and to fund a worthy project in Alaska.


Covenant House Passage House  $500

The grant sponsored the  Passage House’s annual Harvest Dinner for residents, their children, and residents’ program mentors.  This event was held on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.